About Us

We have been operating in the domain of design, custom engineering, manufacture of various types of electro mechanical actuators, providing customized solutions to OEMs. The current and potential clients are in the power / electronics / telecom / defence / railways sectors.

The persons involved in the enterprises have been very active in providing technical consultancy in the areas of product development, productivity improvement & quality improvement to number of clients since 1991. In 2006 we had to forward integrate into manufacturing at the request of one client.

A skeletal infrastructure encompassing winding, assembly and testing was put up to meet this manufacturing request. This was the genesis of our foray from consultancy into manufacturing.

Identification of niche area for business

Small, custom engineered electromechanical products with/without associated electronics, such as actuators, fans, blowers, pumps needed by core sectors such as defence, power, railways, telecom & infrastructure were identified as areas where we had core competence to deliver a successful product-market match.

Core team competence

A group of qualified, enthusiastic youngsters with learnability as a key characteristic and a flair for core engineering subjects led by a person with over 4 decades proven experience in the domain form the nucleus

Manufacturing Infrastructure

Adequate machines, instruments, test equipment to handle batch manufacturing (a characteristic of custom engineered products business) has been put in place. It is practically self-contained, except for heat treatment and metal finishing.

Operating system

A documented quality management system is in place to manage all transactions. The system in practice complies with international standards and guidelines.

Quality assurance

Complete capability to verify raw materials and components are available in house. Extensive product test facilities to verify performance parameters is available in house. In specific cases endurance test facilities & functional simulation are available.

Application engineering competence

We have competence to provide solutions to customers' needs by studying the application and providing a suitable product that meets the expectations.


  • QMS conforming to ISO 9001-2008
  • Certain products under CE marking to Electrical directive
  • In the process of aligning insulation system to class (155) F-IEIS 155-1
  • At customers request, can align to get product certification such as IS or BS etc.